Lowres streamed by Resolution

19:30, 19.11.2020

RESOLUTION invites you to 𝕃𝕠𝕨𝕣𝕖𝕤, a live-streamed event from SEXYLAND, showcasing WORK-IN-PROGRESS.

Consider this a belated invitation to our cancelled end-of-first-year show, postponed June livestream, and cancelled November Sexyland exhibition. Join us, for real, to see what we have been POSTPONING and CANCELLING all this time.

It will be a three hour BONANZA of moving image work, performances, music, chit-chat, and collective commiserating live-streamed from within the wooden walls of SEXYLAND. A program of drafts, failures and successes from MA Moving Image students at the Sandberg Institute.

19:30-19:45 • Live smelling session with Cesar Majorana
19:45-19:55 • A video by Zuza Banasinska
19:55-20:00 • A sound experiment with Michelle Mildenberg
20:00-20:10 • A film by Johan Delétang
20:10-20:20 • A video by Eva Bosveld
20:20-20:30 • A sound experiment with Mateo Vega
20:30-20:35 • ‘Nothing that my flame couldn’t reach’ by Vida Kasaei
20:35-20:40 • A video by Catalina Reyes
20:45-20:55 • ‘Bird’s IJ view’, a podcast by Lila Bullen-Smith and Marian van Bodegraven
20:55-21:00 • ‘Make a change, Make it happen’, a video by Sigrún Sveinsdóttir
21:00-21:10 • A short film by Mateo Vega
21:10-21:20 • ‘Home Video’, by Mylou Oord
21:20-22:00 • A Classical Rave by DJ Ama-Deus
22:00-22:10 • ‘Are you still listening?’, an experimental soundscape by Siomara van Bochove
22:10-22:40 • A Dj Set For Perreo at Home with Catalina Reyes out of Sexyland


Allison Henriquez
Catalina Reyes Navarro
Cesar Majorana
Eva Bosveld
Jeroen Exterkate
Johan Delétang
Lila Bullen-Smith
Marian van Bodegraven
Mateo Vega
Michelle Mildenberg
Mylou Oord
Noé Cottencin
Sigrún Gyða Sveinsdóttir
Siomara Bochove
Vida Kasaei
Zuza Banasińska