The PUB/Sandberg Journal got kicked off during the PUB Print Workshop in February 2018, setting out to become a periodical publishing platform used for sharing works-in-progress, visual or textual essays, theses, experiences, and relevant topics within the Sandberg's community of students, alumni and friends.

When gathering and concocting our series of fictions, falsehoods and deceptions we never considered that these distorted reflections on reality would take shape during a pandemic. Within the context of this unforeseen global event and the multiple truths this situation generated, we were seduced and deceived by the generative lies the texts revealed. Lies which imagined mythical pasts, alternative presents and possible futures.

We invited charlatans, whistleblowers, compulsive liars, truth-seekers, snakes, two-faced cons and genuine phonies to falsify, exaggerate, concoct, distort, embellish, expose, deceive and mislead. Experiencing the many pleasures of lying; a childhood memory, a fantasy, a remembered rumour,

Featuring contributions by Patricia Bogdana Becus, Emirhakin, Gudrun Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Francesca Lucchitta, María Mazzanti, Heleen Mineur, Elif Özbay, Charlotte Rohde, Kuo Wei Tung

Editors: Manola Buonincontri, Cóilín O’Connell, Maria Paris, Megan Hadfield, Hannah Rose Whittle

Graphic Designers: Anna Bierler, Michael Weber

“Everything I do represents added value for my work, and I also very much enjoy doing it,” claims Rietveld alumni David Jablonowski in an interview in ‘What’s Next?’, a recent publication commissioned by the Academy about life after art school that uncritically promotes a passion-fueled productivist utilitarian approach for making it in the art world after graduation. In October 2018, Rosa te Velde, Elise van Mourik and Tiphanie Blanc organised ‘This is (Not) a Love Song’, a people’s tribunal for the Rietveld and Sandberg community, to explore the reality and alternatives for this hegemonic burnout-inducing approach. As PUB Journal, we took it upon ourselves to continue, elaborate on and react to the themes of this conference, offering a variety of perspectives from precarity as a reaction to the pervasive expectations expressed in the aforementioned magazine.

Through contributions from tribunal participants and students and alumni of the Sandberg Institute and the Rietveld Academy, this second issue of Sandberg/PUB Journal reflects both on experiences of playing according to the rules of the game as well as of finding viable solutions, alternatives and hope.

Featuring contributions by Alina Lupu, Mirko Podkowik, François Girard-Meunier, Theresa Büchner, Silke Xenia Juul, Lara Garcia Diaz, Giovanni Bozzoli, Ada Reinthal, Leslie Lawrence, Paul Bille etc.

Editors: Ada Reinthal, Maria Muuk, Theresa Büchner, Maike Statz, Aimée Theriot.
Graphic designers: Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Tali Liberman, Nicolò Pellarin, Andreas Trenker.

"For Porosity” is the first issue of a journal by, for and about Sandberg students. The periodical publishing platform is used for sharing works-in-progress, visual or textual essays, opinions and inquiries, tips and reviews, upcoming plans and all other relevant bits of information with the Sandberg community.

Featuring contributions by Bin Koh, Naomi Credé, Harriet Foyster, Anna Maria Merkel & Juhee Hahm, Dario Dezfuli, Elisa Grasso, Elia Castino and many others.

Editors: Ada Reinthal, Maria Muuk, Maike Statz, Holly Childs.
Graphic designers: Dario Dezfuli, Sheona Turnbull, Miquel Hervás Gómez.