10:00, 27.03.2019
Stedelijk Museum

Semi Permanent Library of the Rietveld and Sandberg in collaboration with PUB.

SPLOTR is a mobile digital library. It is part of the infrastructural manoeuvres taking place at the Rietveld and Sandberg Library.

It is a tryout at different ways of circulating knowledge outside and alongside the physical space of the library.

It hosts an offline collection of books, digital articles and other materials from its previous temporary set up during the Cat Pavillion and Studium Generale 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Technically it consists of a small computer (Raspberry pi) and a small wireless router. The computer runs Calibre, a free and opensource e-book library management software.

The wireless network allows the sharing of digital readings within its radius. Its portability makes it possible to just move a certain collection of materials to different places and situations.