10:00, 04.10.2018
Sandberg Instituut

PUB and the Design Department are hosting a joint workshop on e-publishing and typography. This workshop addresses the methods, tools and implications of online publication. What does e-publish do/mean? How does it circulate? What are the repercussions of cloud publishing and how should we interpret the current interest in archives?

The workshop is open to everyone interested in expanding their practice through e-publishing activities and typography. From designing your own type, developing and establishing PUB type foundry to raising a new e-publication project. Archiving, supporting, distributing typography and online publishing across and beyond the Sandberg Instituut.

Guest tutors: Dinamo, eeebooks, Paul Bernhard, fanfare, Bold Decisions, Bea1991, Mateo Broillet
and PUB.

DinA1 silkscreen posters printed and designed by Miquel Hervás Gómez, Lou Buche and Javier Rodriguez.