Sorry I can't hear you there is fungus in my ear!

14:00, 29.10.2020

Throughout the graduation show, Pub Fun(gi) Radio will proudly occupy the interstitial space between Het Hem, De Dood, and the listening public during these distant days. In a sound space collaboratively crafted by the Studio for Immediate Spaces and Touche Touche, we will resonate both local soundscapes and off-shore broadcasts. Our naturally artificial and funghi-esque radio environment will navigate the exhibition space, amplifying the rich polyphony of graduate voices in a 24-hour durational program.

This show was designed and produced in collaboration with Disarming Design Students and Agustina Woodgate.

See you around. Come and say hi.

Design: Anna Bierler, Alix Stria, Sheona Turnbull
Text: Micaela Terk

The show can also be listened to on our quarantine platform alonetogether