18:00, 16.04.2021

With collective memory* often being represented in written form, based on the consensus of one true history, oral storytelling is often overlooked. With this in mind we want to invite you all to tune in and join our broadcast series „Snowblindness“ to bring oral storytelling and communication more into the focus of our design practice and methods.


16.4.2021, 18:00
Snowblindness x Carmen Dusmet Carrasco
Let’s talk about what it means to collaborate with your mum
Working with relatives in artistic processes

Tune into https://alonetogether.pub
and call us at +31 … to join the conversation or text us in the chatroom

More about the project:
„Snowblindness Podcast Series“ part of a research-project by Gudrun Havsteen-Mikkelsen in collaboration with Anna Bierler exploring different narratives on colonial pasts and myth-making in relation to a contemporary design practice. „Snowblindness“ tries to reflect on the methodologies in a design discipline; how to get access to information, how to make material public and finally how to edit, debate and visualize ’collective memory’ in- and outside the work. The 'Snowblindness' research is situated in colonial moments in Greenland, where Gudrun's great-grandfather was a Danish explorer, scientist, captain and colonizer, who marked his agenda in books, maps and people, and contributed to the ’collective memory’.

*collective memory is the dominant historical contexts and production.

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Anna and Gudrun

snow blindness x carmen dusmet carrasco