Platform Alliances #1 Tools

11:00, 22.06.2021

What are the tools for alliances?
How do we establish solidarity networks?
Can a model of practice and form of governance be considered as a work of art?
And what does it mean to publish/make public in a platform framework?

The first session of Platform Alliances presents a conversation on tools for tactics and strategies of facilitation and organisation.
Tuesday 22nd of June, at 17:00 pm, live broadcasted from fanfare, shared via the trans-departmental initiative PUB, joined by the collective infrastructure, Varia, and the student-run KABK initiative, Mushroom radio.

Platform Alliances is a growing initiative by Radio EE and fanfare; the program aims to discuss and share the strategies and challenges of current and future student-initiated platforms. It aims to create space and place for alliances amongst similar initiatives across The Netherlands and abroad. This radio broadcast presents a first step of opening up a dialogue and larger-scale platform alliance scheme. We welcome critique, ideas, and future collaborators.

This event was commissioned by the board of extracurricular platforms at Rietveld/Sandberg as part of Future Practices. After the live broadcast, the conversation will be available on pub.Sandberg.nl & extraintra.nl

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Fanfare: @fanfare_amsterdam
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Mushroom: @mushroomradio
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