📻3/4 🕛12pm-12am
💭In Pillow Streaming, our second quarantine session, PUB is streaming sounds of birds, soundscapes, experiments, explorations on black mothering, mixes, vampire conversations and a lot of music amongst other surprises to synchronize our isolation while tuned in to PUB Radio.

HOTLINE +31 6 33410983
HOTLINE +31 6 33410983
HOTLINE +31 6 33410983
HOTLINE +31 6 33410983
HOTLINE +31 6 33410983

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💭Listen to the archive of Pillow Stream 1 in:

12:00 -12.30pm OPENING w/ PUB
12:30-13:00 pm Birds From Home w/ Maike Statz and Daniel Statz
13:00-14:00 pm Soundscrape Vol.1 w/ Pastimes
14:00-15:00 pm Donna's hangover makes a Radioshow w/ the green corner
15:00-16:00 pm Mother, House, Creature w/ Juana Lee (Andrés García Vidal, Younwon Sohn) in collaboration with Isha Forster, Zaïra Pourier, Hahae Son, Anna Balint, Angelo Custodio and Daniel Andrés Ordoñez Muñoz
16:00-16.30 pm RADIONOVELA w/ PUB
16:30-18:10 pm Black Mothering - An episode the from Between Ourselves Podcast w/ Sekai Makoni
18:10-19:00 pm Lovely Trees Indoors mix w/ Michelle + Michèle + 🌳CHECK VIDEO HERE 🎋
19:00-20:00 pm Shared loneliness w/ Rowena Buur
20:00-20:30 pm You need TO GROW UP – Podcast with the solution for Apocalypse w/ Levi and Mariana
20:30-21:00 pm Vampires can´t have anything w/ Elif Ozbay and Andrea G
21:00-22:00 pm sonic grounding w/ Maja Chiara Faber aka Satin de Compostela
22:00-23:00 pm Hi, How are you w/Javielito
23:00-23:30 pm repetitive industrial microwave background radiation w/Brian
23:30-00.00 pm CLOSING w/ PUB