📻27/3 🕛12pm-12am
💭In Pillow Streaming, our first quarantine session, PUB is streaming solutions for the end of the world, imaginary spaceships, LIVE sessions from dutch farms and from space, loops, quarantine compilations, Jazz mixes, sound experiments, amongst other surprises to synchronize our isolation while tuned in to PUB Radio B2B Radio Rietveld.

12:00 -12.30pm PUB+RR welcome
12:30-13:00 pm You need TO GROW UP – Podcast with the solution for Apocalypse by Mariana and Levi 👾LISTEN HERE👾
13:00-14:20 pm Imaginary Spaceships by SIS
14:20-15:00 pm Pillow Surprise Show by PUB
15:00-16:00 pm Jan Kees LIVE by Jan Kees
16:00-17:00 pm Ambassadors of Love by Arturo
17:00-18:00 pm SpaceLab and an ancient radio commission called "bed-rhythm001" by David Kristian by Brian
18:00-19:00 pm It will later disappear by Estades
19:00-19:30pm Stay at home loops with super bouquet by Ben Tupper
19:30-20:00 pm Vampires can´t have anything with Elif Ozbay and Andrea G
20:00-21:00 pm Where did Julio Bashmore go? By Fabian Reichle ❓LISTEN HERE ❓
21:00-22:00 pm Songs from athens by Sabrina Schlosser
22:00-23:00pm Fakin Jazz Tohether by Javi Rodriguez
23:00-23:10pm Alice by Margaux Koch
23:10-00.00pm RR+PUB closing