21:00, 27.06.2020

Krab Jenga (Tournament) is a product-oriented entrepreneurial dreamscape that is now open to Players. 27th June, 21h, a DEMO gameplay is happening in an office space somewhere in Amsterdam.

The Live Audio Streaming is the result of Players interaction with immersive series of intertwined narratives with a common thread: the potentiality of loss through a set of rules for competitive gaming. The spontaneous assemblage offers several semiotic-material perspectives and methods for ‘life-extension’, fluid enough to go back and forth between contradictory and paradoxical.

The audio work is mixed live by Marianne Noordzij (1996, NL), with a three channel soundscape made by Andy G Vidal (1991, ES), and set of SFX by Tanat Teeradakorn (1991,TH), performed together with Darío Dezfuli (1989, ES). Artwork by Austin Redman. Photography by Darío Dezfuli.

KJ(T) DEMO is the first of the End of the Year Shows 2020 of Werkplaats Typografie.