Graduation Marathon 2018 (part 1)


A three days nomadic live radio transmission visiting the graduation shows of the Sandberg Instituut. The mobile radio station traveled around Amsterdam, serving as a space for distribution and reflection. PUB Radio broadcasted conversations, readings, music, live feed reports, sound experiments and more from all Sandberg’s departments.

Hosts: Fabian Rieche, G-cream, Anthony Smyrski
Mobility, Program Design and Production: Agustina Woodgate
Operators: Alex Harris and Tina Reden
Sound editor: Fabian Rieche
Graphic Design: Miquel Hervás Gómez
Website: Sascha Krischock
Space Design: Gauthier Chambry
Runner: Anthony Smyrski
Sound and Technical Support: Jan Kaase

Featuring: PUB Journal, The ambassadors of Love, Julia C. de Aguiar and Monke, Sherida Kuffour, Harriet Foyster, Lucie Berjoan, Sekai Makoni, Silke Xenia Juul-Sørensen, Anthony Smyrski, Lou Bouch, Javier Rodriguez, Daan Couzijin, Elisa Grasso, Bin Koh, and so many more voices across all the departments of Sandberg Instituut.