Issue 4

Issue 4

A collection of nine essays by the second-year graduating Master students from the Sandberg Instituut Design Department. This collection of writing expands lexicons, dialogues with temporality, transgresses surfaces, problematizes visibility, and indulges rapture – a spiral of subjectivities and timely protagonists. Moreover, they gesture to re-think our own raison d’etre in the scope of shared and distant spaces, (infra) structures, and potential assemblages, which create challenging contributions to critical design debates and practices.

Contributors: Lucie de Brechard, Rowena Buur, Miquel Hervás Gómez, Sascha Krischock, Tessa Meeus, Samuli Saarinen, Andreas Trenker, Alex Walker, Karina Zavidova

Tutor: Tina Bastajian
Acknowledgements: Rana Ghavami
Proofreading: Will Pollard
Design: Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Andrea González Garrán, Nicolò Pellarin, Hanna Valle
Printing & Binding: Drukkerij Raddraaier, Amsterdam

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