Es imposible no puede ser

06:00, 22.04.2019

Es imposible no puede ser: Learning from Spook Factory is an experiment on how to extract design tools from a scenario that has vanished, while telling its story mixed with a piece of it: a record. Mixing Es imposible no puede ser, its predecesor How Much are They and extracts of the unreleased interview with Fran Lenaers in Curva Ras#3 (To be released in RACA+Radio Relativa) with the story of the club.

Some say that Spook Factory was a club that changed forever a whole generation, transforming the concept of dance clubs in its country. Spook opened its doors in 1984, in a coastal town known as Pinedo, located in Valencia, south east of Spain. Spook will interconnect with its dance predecessors, Chocolate and Barraca through the CV-500 motorway. Its extended closing time, until Saturday midday, will rapidly turn the club into the most iconic after party in the recently baptize ‘Ruta del Bacalao’.

We´ve heard stories about its endless sets spanning more than 9 hours, with our special guest Fran Lenaers on the decks. This happens to be one of the many particularities we are going to treat in this podcast, and will transform the nights of this club into an environment, as he claims, an environment of mystical experiences whose history still resonates in our times.

Spook in this transit, will shape as an environment, an architecture, an object of design, a platform, an scenario, a place, a parallel dimension, which is able to frame experiences of utmost intensity through, as we think, a series of tools which to learn from . This is the challenge of the podcast.