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June 17–21
From Travels In ParadoxJune 17–21PUBCAST #SELFDESIGN 5

The term reality show contains an interesting paradox. A reality show can very often be a reflection of everyday human life, though extremely exaggerated, most of the time to the point that the notion of reality is nowhere to be found. The popularity and thus socio-cultural aftermath of reality television transforms this everyday “real” human life to look like the mythical life of these reality tv stars, and in this way actual reality as we know it gets remodeled. But if there still is some unscathed reality left in this world, the reality show could also be a show about what is not (yet) commodified, and even how the real, or the nothingness, can also get appropriated by the established order and mass-media society.

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PUBCAST #SELFDESIGN 5 June 17–21 From Travels In Paradox
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#SELFDESIGN is the first PUBcast Series commissioned by DROOG DESIGN.
For 12 weeks, an installation - part scenery, part recording studio and part audio display - will become the production and distribution platform for six podcasts. Creating a sound studio that considers the presence of the body, this production scenario developed by Fabulous Future serves as a decorated shed to research self design notions, where listening is also massaging, recording is relaxing, sharing is caring, watching is commenting, joining is embracing and editing is bonding.

Is self design connected to the neoliberal idea of self-care, entrepreneurship or to an actual reframing and liberation of design as a discipline?

PUBCast is a PUB initiated podcast series challenging the possibilities of audio distribution and publishing as a global communication tool through space and time.

PUB is a trans-department platform initiated by students of the Sandberg Instituut. PUB is a hub to identify interdisciplinary connections and accelerate collaborations amongst students and alumni.

First PUBCast station designed by Fabulous Future
Graphic design by Hannah Valley and Francisca Khamis
Web by Sascha Krischock